Corrosion Inhibitors

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Corrosion Inhibitors
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Acids Corrosion Inhibitors
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corrosion2.jpgAcid corrosion inhibitor is high-temperature, acid corrosion inhibitor used to protect low alloys and corrosion-resistant


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Acids are generally used in oil and gas wells to stimulate the Oil or Gas flow from the well and to remove incrustations in the wells. Acids , preferentially, hydrochloricn acid is are forced under high pressure through the hole into the rock formation to produce fracture around the hole. About 10 -15 % of hydrochloric acid is generally used for producing fracture. When the deposit is calcareous.
When such a large quantity of hydrochloric acid is used, it is needless to say that well equipment should be protected from corrosion by use of inhibitor.
Acid corrosion inhibitor formulated by 3A is an acid corrosion inhibitor which is stable upto 120ºC.


It is also used in various other industries where corrsion occures in pipe line such as sugar industry etc.